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On Sunday February 21, 1965 bullets ripped through the body of controversial human rights leader Malcolm X.  At 39 years old he lay dead on the floor of the Audubon Ballroom.  Since Malcolm's death questions continue to linger, who killed Malcolm X and who would benefit most from his death?  The assassins who killed Malcolm are directly responsible for his death but was their a greater force behind those who pulled the trigger?  Did Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam have a reason to bring harm to Malcolm?  In raw, no holds barred, interviews with those who worked with Malcolm and were present on the day he was killed, we learn new startling information surrounding Malcolm's death.  Yet, there is another power element that is under investigation.  Did Malcolm's alliances with foreign leaders concern the US government?  What about Malcolm's mission to bring the problem of racial segregation to the floor of the United Nations?  This film will reach beneath the surface and examine the actions of high ranking members of the Nation of Islam, theories behind Malcolm's departure from the Nation of Islam and information that Malcolm was unable to reveal.





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